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saSCAN 5-Food Secretory (Saliva)
IgA Food Intolerance Test

The saSCAN Secretory IgA Food Intolerance Kit is an easy, safe, affordable and accurate way to analyze the antigen specific Secretory IgA in saliva to detect genetically inherited food intolerances to Casein, Egg, Gliadin (Wheat), Gluten (Corn/Maize), and Soy proteins.
Individuals predisposed to IgA-mediated food intolerance usually experience intestinal inflammation after consumption of the offending food(s).
Subsequently, the intestinal mucosa releases Secretory IgA to neutralize the antigens.  SigA testing allows detection of mild, sub-clinical, and latent intolerance cases.
Four Advantages of the saSCAN Secretory IgA Food Intolerance Test
* Salivary tests cost less than similar serum tests.
* Tests are CPT coded and third party reimbursable when ordered by your own primary care physician.
* Note: Insurance reimbursement subject to terms and conditions of your specific insurance carrier, policy and group plan.
* Full blood draw (venipuncture) not required - NO NEEDLES!
* No biohazard to dispose of.
* Excellent patient compliance.
* Simple & easy specimen collection technology.
* Convenient at-home collection.
* Specimen stability
Scientific Superiority:
* Free fraction determinations reflect clinical condition.
* Ease of collection & cost effective so to allow for frequent monitoring.
* Quick results and turnaround - within 7 business days.
* Free courtesy consultation with one of our specialists.  Multi-page test result and support materials provided at no additional cost.
Due to the collection mechanism involved, the saSCAN is not recommended for small children due to the possibility of accidental choking on the saliva collection "sponge".  Also, the intended patient should have eaten the foods screened by the saSCAN Secretory IgA Food Intolerance Test (e.g. - egg, corn, milk, soy, and wheat) within the 4-6 weeks prior to the collection of the saliva specimen.
You can order your very own saSCAN 5-Food IgA Food Intolerance Kit HERE




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