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The metaSCAN Metabolic Self-Analysis Kit 

Have You Ever Wondered Why…
You feel bloated, swollen, puffy and/or "crampy" - no matter what you eat or drink, and no matter what you do not eat or drink?
You feel like you are dragging yourself through the mud all the time - having no energy, spunk or desire?
You have those "extra" pounds that won't go away - no matter how much you have dieted, exercised, sweated and STARVED in order to lose them?
Are you experiencing low energy, allergies, digestive problems, hypoglycemia, mood swings, poor concentration, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, hormonal imbalances or a host of other chronic conditions?
Have you ever been a victim of numerous diets that either seemed to “work” short-term, didn't help at all, or even made you worse?

We are faced with an overwhelming number of conflicting recommendations advocating "one diet for all".  These include, but are not limited to:
* High Carbs - Low Protein Diets
* Low Carbs - High Protein Diets
* Fat-Free Diets
* "Fat Is Okay" Diets
* Pro Meat Diets
* Anti Meat Diets
It Can Be Confusing...
Even Paralyzing!
The truth is, there is no one diet that is right for everyone.  The only sound (and sane) approach to optimum health, fat loss and permanent weight management is individualization.  Biochemically and metabolically we all process foods and utilize nutrients uniquely.  Therefore, no two people need exactly the same diet and nutritional supplements.  The foods that work best for another person MAY BE UNHEALTHY FOR YOU and a vitamin supplement that energizes and supports someone else may actually make you tired and weak!
After years of research and development, metaSCAN, which is a state-of-the-art scientific testing, health and fitness system, is available only through Better Control of Health (BCH).  It is not a computer software program that prints out nutrition plans based on averages nor does it include pre-packaged and processed foods that a person must buy. 
The metaSCAN provides a custom-built food plan and recommendations specifically formulated for the metaSCAN Metabolic Analysis Self-Test Program.
The metaSCAN Metabolic Analysis
Self-Test includes the following:
* Home-Test Instructions, Data Collection Documentation, Health History Questionnaire, Client Details Form, and return mailer.

* Accumeasure Body-Fat Calipers
* Body Tape Measure

* pHydrion (pH) Papers

* Modified Glucose Tolerance Powder
* Protein Tolerance Powder
* 2-Function Timer
* Blood-Type Analysis Kit

In the privacy and comfort of your own home, you can (at your leisure) perform the required screenings and log the results. 
Once this information has been collected, as well as the included Health History Questionnaire being completely filled out, all the data is sent to our office in the included return mailer where it is analyzed and reviewed by a licensed professional. 
A personalized metaSCAN Metabolic Analysis Self-Test Report is then compiled and sent back to you. 
As with all our screening programs, complimentary telephone and Internet support is provided.
The Key To Optimum Health and Fitness
Is Addressing Your Individual Needs!
Also, consider combining the 96-Food IgG ELISA Food Intolerance Test with your metaSCAN Metabolic Analysis Self-Test Program.  When combined together, they will provide you the most optimum health plan you have always wanted - and deserve.*
* Note: Order the Weight/Metabolic Management Program through our safe and secure on-line web store HERE and save $50.00 off the combined price!





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